Call recording company Call Cabinet will debut an Australian presence thanks to South Africa’s B-Sure Group.

CRN readers may recall that B-Sure is a South African investment company that in late 2018 emerged as a channel player by becoming helping backup vendor Redstor to find MSP clients in Australia.

Now B-Sure plans to do the same for CallCabinet, A US-based call recording vendor.

CallCabinet is a cloud service that records phone calls, a job that compliance-conscious and/or heavily-regulated industries use to ensure they can build audit trails of customer interactions. Customer service operations also like to record calls, as they can be a source of sentiment analysis that helps them to improve performance.

CallCabinet EMEA sales director Matthew Balcomb told CRN that the company’s Atmost product can record calls made with Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and standard Skype, and that the ability to do so is its unique selling point.

CallCabinet currently operates in the USA and South Africa.

As often happens these cloudy days, the company has already found some local customers. B-Sure plans to increase their number by working with MSPs to bring the product to market.

Direct approaches to big telcos are also on the agenda, B-Sure’s Australian sales director Auret van Zyl told CRN Australia.

“We are launching it to our partners and telco industry by end of July,” he said. “Half of our current resellers offer a voice service,” he added. “And then there is an untapped market of the big carriers, which we would like to get involved with.”

Balcomb told CRN that carriers white-label the company’s products, an arrangement made possible by their delivery as SaaS.

“We become a technology partner,” he said. “It’s all based on a consumption model.”

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