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Atmos technology and subscription business model are highly disruptive to the entrenched, legacy call recording industry.


Our solutions are specifically designed for interoperability regardless of carrier, telephone system or platform.



Atmos is built using true cloud-native technology that enables carrier grade scalability, performance & efficiency.


Atmos has the global presence to meet compliance and data sovereignty requirements across the globe.


Developed and led by industry leaders with over 100 collective years expertise in compliance and recording technology.

Precisely Configured Data

Gather precious insight on your customers’ experience and agent interactions through Atmos Analytics. Atmos offers organizations a wide array of information, derived from call data, user performance and content driven data. Atmos QA, combined with Speech Analytics technology, provides a complete understanding of not only how your employees communicate with your customers, but also how your customers view communications with your organization.



Get A Feeling for Your Calls. As Atmos Speech Analytics process your call data, audio is analysed not only for what is said, but also how it is spoken. Driven by our advanced acoustic algorithms, Atmos Speech Analytics measures voice pace, volume, pitch, tonality, and other factors to determine the sentiment of the call. Atmos also scans the call duration, intelligently measuring words and phrases against sentiment to determine trends in the conversation.

Use Metrics

Use Metrics

To Manage Agent Performance. Through the Atmos QA option, management reviews and evaluates the performance of customer-facing employees. Our decision tree based evaluation tools allow management to tailor evaluations for Key Performance Metrics and specific Compliance standards. The Atmos reports module gives organizations the power to measure the analytics data against individual and team goals.



Powerfully And Simply. Atmos QA, when combined with Speech Analytics, provides speech-to-text translation designed to allow intuitive retrieval of critical data through keyword and keyphrase search. Datamine your call recordings to find competitor mentions, product names, and words specific to your company interests.

Hear and See

Hear and See

Your Calls. View your call timeline and see where, and how frequently keywords and phrases occur. Visually conceptualize call patterns to identify trends and get a scope of caller and agent inclinations.

One Interface

One Interface

Accessible From Anywhere. Atmos runs where you want it, from the desktop to your mobile phone, and the calls are recorded in the cloud or on-site. This way, agents and supervisors share a common interface to manage calls, training, QA, analysis, and compliance.



Get Results Without Major Investment. Atmos brings you Call Recording as a Service (CRaaS). Comparable products require a significant investment in expensive hardware, system maintenance, storage, and service contracts. Atmos lowers your call recording installation and maintenance requirements and in most cases altogether negates the need for any on-premise hardware, while cutting a large portion of your power footprint.



Atmos comes with detailed predefined report queries, but more importantly lets you define your own company-specific reports based on KPI criteria you want to measure like number of calls, talk time, compliance with company policy, and other information acquired through the Atmos call and screen recording.

Analyze Workforce Performance

Having a tuned call staff is key to reaping a lasting ROI from your call center. Atmos offers more than just a data-rich analysis of your agent performance; it lets you customize your reporting templates exactly to your call center’s needs.

Measure agents individually or against others, identify skill-gaps, and gain insight on the changes you need to implement when training your workforce.

Agent Screen Capture: Don’t Just Listen

With the addition of customizable agent screen capture (synchronized with call audio), supervisors monitor when and what employees say, as well as all actions and applications used during the call.


Call Quality Assurance

Using Atmos QA Supervisor Licenses gives your Contact Center Manager a 360º view of your company’s call experience. Just like your customer, your agent has a call journey, and Atmos unleashes the same analytical power on both sides of the call. Using the Atmos QA Randomizer, administrators select calls by criteria they choose in order to highlight, annotate, and score employees evaluations.

This is a vital metric tool managers use to keep agents up to policy standards. With Atmos QA, supervisors build a portfolio of teaching materials right from the company’s own call data that’s used to measure, train, and improve agent performance.

Custom Agent Scorecard

Atmos lets you custom define agent scorecards to measure interactions and set customer service standards.

Use our visually intuitive Score Card Creator to design your scorecards using either system-defined or your own questions. Customizing score cards with your own predefined sections and options allows you to weight scores based on company-wide policies, or even specific compliance rules.



as a Service (CRaaS)

Call recording was once a one-size-fits-all solution, forcing companies into deep hardware investments with restrictive long-term contracts, regardless of the actual needs and size of the operation. Atmos offers a flexible month-to-month solution that eliminates the hardware investment, storage concerns, maintenance costs, and includes 24×7 support.

A Complete Call Recording Solution

A Complete Call Recording Solution

Since Atmos is offered as a CRaSS, it automatically includes all upgrades and 24×7 support. Atmos securely captures all customer calls and stores them securely, and in accordance with all compliance standards.
Access Your Call Recordings Anywhere

Access Your Call Recordings Anywhere

Access your call recordings instantly and securely from the Cloud via the Atmos HTML5 Portal. Our flexible, web-based application brings you your recordings on any device with an internet connection. Our Cloud network is hosted worldwide on the Microsoft Azure network, assuring redundancy and reliability.

Atmos: Easily Deployed, Flexible Pricing

Atmos: Easily Deployed, Flexible Pricing

CallCabinet recognizes all companies have different compliance needs at different times, which is why Atmos offers a flexible month-to-month enrollment instead of expensive long-term contracts.

Call recording for compliance mitigates risk & financial loss in any industry. CallCabinet provides solutions for all your call recording needs to support global regulatory compliance with: GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, DFA, MADII, ESMA, MiFIDII, UK FCA, US FTC, SOX, FICA, POPI & FAIS. Depending on your industry, the government requires you to have compliant call recording and storage inline with local and global standards, and regulations specific to your industry. Maintaining compliance is a critical issue for many businesses, as sanctions, hefty fines, imprisonment and even shutdowns are the result of not following the rules that regulatory bodies have put in place for your business. Businesses that handle sensitive personal information involving finance, healthcare, legal advice, or data collection
are required to record all forms of communications and transactions. Interactive phone call recording software makes regulatory compliance extremely easy. CallCabinet’s Atmos solution adheres to regulatory compliance requirements for a variety of global legislations. All calls are 100% compliant. Each call is individually secured and encrypted at source with a rotating encryption methodology unique to each individual call. All calls are stored securely in the cloud with added redundant and failover options supported across a globally distributed server network. CallCabinet’s Atmos solution gives you the flexibility to sort and search your calls based on different criteria from the full audit trail provided to make call retrieval as simple, quick and efficient as possible.
Your Premise Based Reliable
Compliant Call Recording Solution


Foundation was developed by CallCabinet, market leaders in call recording technologies. Our wealth of knowledge and expertise has allowed us to provide you with a compliant and secure call recording solution that is premise based.

All calls are 100% compliant and are individually secured and encrypted at source. Calls can be recorded with any brand of PBX, trunk or VoIP extension side.

All calls are stored on the Foundation hardware on-site and can be backed up to our secure cloud servers if required. Foundation supports multiple time zones and recording locations and has the ability to search, sort and locate your calls within seconds.

Your Premise Based Reliable
Compliant Call Recording Solution


You chose the Asterisk platform for its flexibility, stability and security, but is your call recording compliant and secure?

CallCabinet has the solution for you!

CallCabinet introduces compliant call recording and agent evaluation solutions for Asterisk.

CallCabinet’s Atmos call recording solution is a Software as a Service product that provides an easily searched, self-managing audio archive, agent evaluation, analytic solutions, complete with audit trail for any industry or business that may require a call recording workforce optimization.


Atmos for Asterisk can out perform and save you money in high, medium and low call volume environments.

Combining Asterisk and Atmos creates an easy to use, cost effective, secure and complaint Asterisk call recording solution. Speak with us to understand how this cost effective, low risk solution can work for you!


See Why So Many Global TelCos, Carriers and Contact Centers Choose Atmos

You chose the BroadSoft/BroadWorks platform for its flexibility, stability and security. Now, thanks to a partnership with CallCabinet, choose BroadSoft/BroadWorks for its call recording compliance and data security. CallCabinet has united with BroadSoft to enhance its phone system platform with certified, compliant call recording and interaction management solutions.

CallCabinet’s Atmos call recording solution is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that provides an easily searched, self-managing audio archive, complete with audit trail for any industry or business that requires a call recording workforce optimization, interaction management or analytic solutions.

Atmos for BroadSoft outperforms and saves you money in call center environments of all volumes from high to low because of its volumetric pricing model.


Through our globally distributed network that spans nearly 100 countries, the Atmos cloud infrastructure exceeds all global regulatory compliance & date sovereignty standards, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FCA, MiFID, MiFID II, GDPR and many more.

Combining both BroadWorks and Atmos creates an easy to use, cost effective, secure and complaint BroadSoft call recording solution.

Demo Atmos now. Within 5 minutes you’ll know why our solution is chosen by global TelCos, Carriers and contact centers!

Cisco CUCM Call Recording

Cisco CUCM Call Recording

Call Manager. Through Cisco Built In Bridge technology, Atmos can integrate with CUCM whether it’s on-premise or hosted.
Cisco HCS Recording

Cisco HCS Recording

Cloud RecordingAtmos offers multiple methods of CISCO HCS Call Recording.  Our solution has been designed from the ground up to provide true cloud, multi-tenant solutions that are perfect for carriers and service providers.
Cisco CUBE Recording

Cisco CUBE Recording

SIPRecAtmos fully supports Cisco Cube Technology and provides a self-provisioning and complete integration into Cisco’s SIPRec call recording

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